The ATF Studio, also known as our creative workspace. It’s located in one of Nurembergs beautiful neighborhoods. The interior design is kept simple, clean and has a slight touch of the industrial world. Furniture, handcrafted out of wood and metal steel. It’s not just a workspace, we present our newest a.k.a. current collection for guests to check out and of course our collection of rare magazines, which by the way are also purchasable. It’s also a place, where we bring people together during events.

We had an interesting guest/artist from a place in South America, known for their beef-oriented diet and of course football or soccer, name is as you wish. Mister DJ GUTI from Argentina! We had the honor to met mister Guti at the ATF Studio… just before his performance act in a local techno club called „Rakete“.

We all can’t wait for the first sun rays to hit the ground. So the cold days lead us towards these mixtures of fabrics. We introduced the cotton nylon mix to the ATF Paige jacket and the double face fabric got acquainted to the sweats. And last but not least, our research lead us towards the nap fabric. Which is also seen in the collection.

Porto, a place well known for their magnificent wine and amazing surf spots. A place where the city isn’t far away from the beach. A place where ATF comes alive. Porto is also known for manufacturing clothing. That being said, we manufacture our garments in porto, except caps, beanies and bagpacks, these are all „Made in Germany“. It doesn’t feel like work, while working with our portuguese colleagues.

Nico Crämer, from Newseum by Craemer & Co, a store which combines heritage and streetwear brands. Newseum originated from Museum. The store now features a mix of traditional and contemporary streetwear styles and brands. We worked with Nico on the upcoming ATF AW16 order and we have made a great selection for the area.

Finally, after going through all fairs and having finished all the orders, back home in Nuremberg. We decided to invite friends and family to our studio and give them an insight on what ATF stands for and how it all came together. And this lucky batch, had the opportunity to have a glance over the AW16 collection in advance.

SEEK!! Here we are again, always a pleasure being here. And this time we came back with heavy gear. This collection was inspired by military wear. The color way has been narrowed to olive and earthy tones. The ATF Camo Jacket for instance, hast he patterns of the french military and the cuffs of the ATF Bebe Knit as well.

ATF Steven Pants has been a part of the team since day one and hasn’t disappointed us ever since. The super soft, wool fabric will keep your legs warm and cozy throughout winter. These pants have been combined in various ways, you can’t even imagine. Due to the fit, you could wear it to serious occasions or even just to hang late out with friends. Sneakers and leather shoes aren’t foreigners to the ATF Steven Pants.

It is always a pleasure to be at the SEEK Show in Berlin. This time we have presented ATF Spring / Summer 2016 collection. We set a goal to acquire new customers and amplify our clientele and have been successful. It was an honor to present our new backpack assortment for the first time and to increase our pants range with ultra light wool fabrics. After the fair, because of the hot temperature, we went to the ‘Badeschiff’ on the river Spree to take a few drinks and cool down.

We are introducing our ATF Spring / Summer 2016 collection, which is inspired by running wear and street style. Our Model Essi is wearing Dale, Miki and Duke Tee, Woody and Stump pants. Due to the fact, that these particular pants contain a tighter fit and a cropped length, your footwear gets the deserved attention. Dale is a mixture, of mesh – cotton. Woody Wool Pants are very breathable and ultra wearable. Jona Sweat is super soft and has a nice double face fabric, 100% cotton. Stump shorts are the short version of the Woody pants and fits well with white socks.