The pantone drop, depicts the first batch of the ATF SS17 collection, which was shown during the fashion fares. This collection contains details and fabrics, which were inspired by the 90s sports theme. This specific collection, is something unique compared to the other past collections. It’s the first time that ATF, brought in pastel colors, making this collection brighter in the color segment. Due to the fact that winter is already here, dark skies over our heads, everywhere you go , you see dark colors resembling winter. I mean winter is already cold, dark and isolating, why make it worse by wearing darker colors? Color is light and light is energy. Color can stimulate and excite us. It can make us feel happy, tranquil… or even depressed. We experience the psychological effects of color all day. It’s subconscious, yet effective. So we decided to drop our pastel colors early enough to make the streets more colorful. Dropping the early bird, will bring light towards the city streets. The fabrics used to produce the early bird, will keep you warm and cozy throughout the season.

Pictures by Stefan Roess

ATF Sample sales, hang out spots, drinks and music kinda all fit in one box. Even though the skies were grey, we brightened up the day with our colorful garments. Unique pieces out of the SS17 and AW16 collection were laid out for our customers and friends, so that they also had the opportunity to checkout and purchase individual items, which were only displayed during the fashion fares. Alway a pleasure seeing familiar and new faces!

First Come – First Serve! We sell our unique samples.

25.02.17 / Saturday 12:00 – 18:00

ATF Store & Studio

Bauerngasse 4-6

90443 Nürnberg

We didn’t come to hide this time! Seek brought us all together again, buyers, exhibitors, photographers, friends etc. and we displayed our ATF AW17, collecting positive feedbacks during the fare. The bowling night was intense and breathtaking at the same time. Thank you for having us again and again. Paris MAN SHOW, there is not much to say! We enjoyed the fare and had the opportunity to introduce our collection in detail in a cozy living room atmosphere. Exhaustion afterwork was washed away by drinks offered by the MAN SHOW, and made it possible for us to enjoy the rest of the night, out in Paris. Always a pleasure being part of the MAN SHOW.

THURSDAY 15.12.16 / 19:00 – 22:00

We are dropping our first part of the the Spring / Summer 2017 collection at the ATF Studio & Store. Take a drink, meet the team and have a look at the new range. We are looking forward to seeing you!

ATF Studio and Store
Bauerngasse 4-6
90443 Nürnberg

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(we accept visa, master and ec cards)

We are presenting the Mads Jacket, which is very warm and water repellent, inspired by military wear with teddy lining and slight transition on the back. Mads Jacket is combined with the limited Sikes Logo hooded in black, made of heavy cotton and a smooth fleece lining inside, and the ATF Steven wool pants. This outfit is guaranteed to keep you warm throughout the winter.

We had an amusing late summer shoot, presenting our ATF AW16 collection. Which took place at a basketball court in the backyards of our home town Nuremberg. Julian is wearing the ATF Locks tee in a combination with our Maury cargo pants in khaki. Due to the pants, this look gives you a perfect color combination for cozy autumn days. Locks tee is also available in black.

Straight after Paris Man Show, we had the honor to present our ATF SS17 collection in Berlin at the SEEK fair. SEEK has always been a chilled out place to communicate, hang out and of course introduce our new collection to business partners. Music, on the semi „beach“, food and drinks made it feel like vacation, if you know what we mean.

First time with our ATF Collection in Paris and the Man Show Paris welcomed us warm hearted. We went the extra mile and jumped into pastel colored garments, making this collection unique compared to the prior collections. And Paris was the right place to present it. After work beers, brought buyers and sellers closer together making it an ease atmosphere.

We introduce our new crew member Vince. He will support us on Saturdays at the ATF Studio and Store, Events and Fashion Shows. He is also our ATF brand ambassador and spreads out the word towards the street and sneaker culture. Follow him on instagram to get a feeling for what ATF stands for.