We introduce our new crew member Vince. He will support us on Saturdays at the ATF Studio and Store, Events and Fashion Shows. He is also our ATF brand ambassador and spreads out the word towards the street and sneaker culture. Follow him on instagram to get a feeling for what ATF stands for.

To finish Spring / Summer 2016 collection, we had a great late season shot in the strange hotel called Pension Florida in Nuremberg. Because of the turquoise walls and the palm-tree wallpapers, this was an interesting spot to shoot our products Occy Sweat, Dash Tee, Woody Pants and Jona Sweat. The cherry on the top among these pictures, are the uprooted pages of a travel brochure, framed in a picture frame, which are highlighting the wish to be in Florida.

The ATF Studio, also known as our creative workspace. It’s located in one of Nurembergs beautiful neighborhoods. The interior design is kept simple, clean and has a slight touch of the industrial world. Furniture, handcrafted out of wood and metal steel. It’s not just a workspace, we present our newest a.k.a. current collection for guests to check out and of course our collection of rare magazines, which by the way are also purchasable. It’s also a place, where we bring people together during events.